Nick is a young quadriplegic struggling to come to terms with his injury. While waiting for his girlfriend in a carpark, he witnesses a brutal crime. Trapped in his car, he finds himself face to face with the violent perpetrator. His desire to survive is put to the test. Starring Lucas Pittaway (Snowtown), Spine is a taut, suspenseful drama about power, fear and fighting for your life. www.spinethemovie.com.au

FORMAT: Short Film  
GENRE: Drama
STAGE: Completed
WRITER: Sophie Miller, based on an idea by Tony Ayres
DIRECTOR: Sophie Miller (At The Tattooist, Half Windsor
CAST: Lucas Pittaway, Daniel Webber, Sara West, Andy Ryan, Matt Zeremes.

WINNER: Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film, Melbourne International Film Festival 2012.

WINNER: Best Australian Fiction, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Editor, World of Women Festival 2013.